Warning alert

Work experience and placements are limited due to high demand. The team will try their best to facilitate all requests - but this is not guaranteed.

pplicants are advised to apply at least three months in advance of their request.

As the largest employer in North Derbyshire, the Trust is committed to actively contribute to employment in the area. Enabling access to work experience promotes job opportunities for local people.

Through our work experience, we aim to demonstrate our CARE values and our 'proud to learn' culture through supporting, facilitating, enabling and empowering individuals to achieve their learning objectives.

Different types of work experience

An opportunity for individuals to gain an insight into a specific field in healthcare before applying for a university course for a particular healthcare professional qualification.

A four-day programme, delivered in February and July, providing a comprehensive insight into the role of a doctor in an Acute Trust.

The programme is designed for post-16 individuals who have applied or are intending to apply for a place at medical school. 

A one or two-week programme for pre 16-year-old students or the long-term unemployed to experience insight into non-clinical work experience.

The programme will focus on communication, team-working and the NHS as an employer.

To support individuals who are on or have completed a college or university course.

Its purpose is to provide individuals with work experience for up to six months to support their theoretical learning and for unemployed graduates to gain experience to secure future employment.

Technical Programme Placements support T Levels (two-year courses that can be studied by 16-18 year olds after finishing their GCSEs).

These placements (minimum of 315 hours) will be supported over a two-year period in order to help individuals complete their T Levels and to help secure an apprenticeship, employment or apply for a Higher Education Programme.

These commence January to Easter.

Their purpose is to provide experience in the Healthcare Support Roles for one day a week, over a set amount of weeks.

Applicants must be completing a BTEC Diploma in Health and Social Care, T-Levels, A Levels or equivalent and be aiming to apply for a pre-registration healthcare programme.

Provides a four to six week programme of work experience - in partnership with the Prince's Trust Charity - to help young people develop key skills, confidence and motivation to enable young people to move into work, education or training.

To apply, contact the Prince's Trust.

A twelve-month to three-year training contract linked to an accredited apprenticeship framework.

To apply, see NHS jobs for vacancies.

Read more about our Apprenticeships.

Available at #TeamCRH

Please note: We do not offer placements in Intensive Therapy Unit, High Dependency Unit, Coronary Care Unit, Neonatal Unit, Birth Centre or Theatres due to the vulnerability of the patients within these areas.

How to apply

For a paper application form, please email crhft.workexperience@nhs.net.

You can fill out the digital form below.

Please note: Your application must be received at least six weeks prior to the required placement date.